New Year, New Snow.

03/01/2010 at 15:18 2 comments

Yep, winter's here again.

It’s been ages since we’ve updated the blog, largely because there’s not been a huge amount of activity or events to report. Phoenix’ season was on the long side, which put her and us out of action for more than a month, but was otherwise completely uneventful, with no real changes either physically or emotionally.  She still seems a little hormonal (at least judging by the reactions of some other dogs) but is otherwise back to business…which lately has been the business of romping through the snow and wading through the icy river whilst balancing giant sticks/logs/entire-small-trees in her muzzle, (all clever stuff, and certainly good for building neck muscles) as the landscape is once again transformed into a winter wonderland.

Ever ambitious.

No log is too big for our gal!

Another new-ishly developed Phoenix hobby is taking the biggest & chunkiest of her beef knuckle bones with her on our hour-long morning walks. These often involve fording the river a few times and going in and out of various woods, but the bone is carried merrily along throughout, with occasional stop-offs for a good old gnaw.


But when the last log has been hauled out of the river, and the last vole has been fruitlessly chased down it’s burrow, there’s still nothing that Phoenix likes more than a good old snuggle on the sofa….


It's a dog's life.

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Happy Birthday! There’s No Business Like Snow Business.

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  • 1. Anna  |  03/01/2010 at 17:48

    How long was her season? I thought all dogs had ones that were 20/21 days.. That’s all I’ve ever seen. Looks like phoenix knows how to have fun in the winter. Luna loves the logs too, especially if chris throws them in. Phoenix looks big, what is her weight now? I know my V is on the smaller end anyway, just curious.

    Looking forward to hearing more about phoenix and her adventures.

  • 2. Phoenix  |  04/01/2010 at 19:28

    Hi Anna,

    Dogs ‘n’ logs – can’t resist them!

    The season proper was 21 days, but Phoenix’ elevated hormone levels were very evident (to other dogs) for quite some time either side of the actual season…I guess it’s a slow build up and decline rather than a switching on and off of the hormones. HWV’s are generally a good deal bigger than the smooths – much closer to German Wirehaired Pointers in size and shape, but with the colouration coming from the Vizsla. Phoenix is on the large side for a girl too – we haven’t weighed her for ages, but she more or less stopped growing at about 8 months…


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