New Kid on the Block!!

14/01/2010 at 17:15 9 comments

So here’s where we finally get to officially spill our very-exciting-and-not-very-well-kept secret news….

In just under 48 hrs our pack will be expanding with the arrival of….


His official name is Morehay Lars of Belatarr, but at home he’ll be Mingus, after the jazz legend Charles Mingus.

Mingus is one of eight puppies born to gorgeous mum Anora (Starshot English Miss for Morehay).  With a Zöldmáli sire and a Ragnolds Dam, supremely elegant, wonderfully fluid in movement and with the kindest of temperaments, Anora is also highly successful in the ring – where we’ve been watching her all through last year. She is without doubt one of our very favourite HWV bitches in the country, and so we were thrilled to be offered the option of pick of her first litter.

Mum - Anora.

The Judges Critique after awarding Anora Best of Breed at Bournemouth Championship Show 2009:

where has this beautiful bitch been hiding, has elegance in spades, very feminine in outlook, lean head, good ratio between skull & muzzle to give that all important elegance & dignity, kind eye of good colour complemented by a super coat in both colour & texture, enough bone for a bitch & neatly constructed to stand easily over her ground on catlike feet, very well handled, elegant on the move, moving on a long, even stride that was deceptively ground covering.” – Chris Guest

Although we were initially looking for a second bitch to accompany Phoenix, when we first visited this litter at 4 weeks of age, we were overwhelmingly drawn to Mingus.

First meeting with a snoozy, 4-week-old Mingus.

A second visit at 6 weeks confirmed that he combined pretty much everything we were looking for in a pup….a perfect coat, lovely head and very promising shape – he even seemed to quite like being show-stacked for examination, quite a miracle in one so young!

Mingus at 6 weeks.

The gang - in "off" mode.

Mingus and his sister Love - both destined for the show ring...but not right now!

So, not long to go now until our worlds are turned upside-down with a whirlwind of training, chewing, yowling, sleep-loss and general cuteness overload all over again – hurrah!

All new arrivals come with stamp of Phoenix approval.

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Antarctica. Mingus Touchdown.

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  • 1. Karen  |  15/01/2010 at 13:23

    Good luck boys with Mingus. We look forward to meeting him out and about!

    • 2. Phoenix  |  17/01/2010 at 17:09

      Many thanks Karen! I meant to ask if you knew about the Ilfracome & District Open Show at Exeter on 20th Feb? It’s our ringcraft club & they’ve very kindly put on two classes for HWV’s, so it would be great to put on a good showing of the breed, maybe a good opportunity for Herby to get a best puppy too?

      • 3. Karen  |  23/01/2010 at 17:04


        Had already asked for the schedule and entered Herby 🙂


      • 4. Phoenix  |  23/01/2010 at 18:19

        Karen – excellent to hear that you’ll be bringing your lovely lad to the Ilfracombe Open – looking forward to seeing you both there!!

  • 5. Marie W  |  16/01/2010 at 20:57

    How wonderful! I look forward to lots of news..I expect Phoenix is over the moon..

    • 6. Phoenix  |  17/01/2010 at 17:11

      She certainly is! Eating and sleeping have fallen way down her priority list for the time being – far too exciting!!

  • 7. Ed.  |  18/01/2010 at 16:38

    Oh what a wonderful foundation you’re building. I think Belatarr HWVs will be making an impact for a long, long time. Congratulations!

  • 8. Rose Summerfield  |  22/01/2010 at 08:50


    I have seen you out with Phoenix last year, but didn’t get the opportunity to meet you.
    Just wanted to touch base and say what a lovely looking puppy you have in Mingus.
    Good luck with them both, and hope to get to meet you in the future for Wire chat.
    Regards Rose @ Miadsc

    • 9. Phoenix  |  23/01/2010 at 18:17

      Hi Rose,
      It’s great to hear from you & thanks for your kind comments about Mingus. We, of course, also saw you out and about with Darci & Lexi last year, and especially remember your great success at the HWVA Open show at Birmingham…Congratulations on your new litter – must be a very busy time right now!! Looking forward to meeting up with you all this season.


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