Top Puppy 2009/2010!!

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Yesterday was the HWVA Annual Awards and Open Show. An awesome day, with 79 HWV’s present in glorious sunshine, and a day we’re never likely to forget.

In the crowning achievement of her show year Phoenix was awarded both Top Puppy Bitch of the year and (following in the paw-steps of both her grandfather Harris, Moricroft Methuen, who won the same award in 2001, and half-brother Leiborschy Ylai, who won it last year)  overall Top Puppy of the year, receiving the Leiborschy Goblet and the Leiborschy Flask trophies respectively. We’ve never been more proud of our lovely girl!

Phoenix standing whilst Tim & judge Margaret Hathaway share a joke.

Being awarded the Leiborschy Goblet.

And then the Leiborschy Flask for Top Puppy.

Mingus was also in attendance and was very much admired, with a number of respected and prominent HWV folks casting many complimentary remarks in his direction. Our boy also had a mini family reunion as he met up with his mother, Anora – who was herself awarded 1st Limit Bitch at the show – and his sister Love for the first time since leaving the nest.

Mingus & Phoenix, covering all angles.

Viewing the action.


All ears.

Mum Anora, on her way to winning 1st Limit Bitch.

Anora with the kids - Mingus and Love.

Family portrait, take 2.

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Freedom! Mingus at 5 Months.

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  • 1. sam  |  19/04/2010 at 22:04

    well done Phoenix!

  • 2. Anna  |  19/04/2010 at 22:22

    wow! post galore from you all.. congrats on the wins! it’s amazing how different your V’s look from my own.. I never knew it was so important to limit exercise for them too.. what is the length of time little mingus can run about now compared to before? or is it based off what he is actually doing? very interesting. He looks to have quite a lot of facial hair compared to phoenix, or do you trim and shape hers a bit?
    Looks like you all are enjoying your “spring” thus far. Look forward to hearing more. I think we are taking a break from the show for now, till this summer maybe, focus on hunt training etc.
    Take care
    Anna & Luna

    • 3. Phoenix  |  20/04/2010 at 16:10

      Hi & Thanks Anna & Luna!
      I always think of HWV’s as being much closer to GWP’s than to Vizsla’s (despite the name!) certainly the typical head and shape comes from GWP’s.

      They say that pups should have 5 mins of exercise per month of age (so at nearly 5 months Mingus should have 25 mins at a time). In practise I think it’s more about consistent, steady exercise that allows the muscles time to develop to support the joints and bones, so it’s much better for him to trot along on his own rather than try to tear after Phoenix, for example. As frustrating (and time-consuming!!) as it is we won’t take both dogs out together for any length of time off-lead until Mingus is around a year old.

      Coats are quite variable in HWV’s and Mingus is naturally heavier coated than Phoenix, although she does have pretty excellent facial furnishings!! We’ve never done any trimming or coat stripping on either one of them and hopefully we won’t ever have to.

      Good luck with the training, we look forward to following Luna’s continuing adventures…and sorry to read that you’re not having such a great spring, it’s non stop sunshine here for a change!
      All the best

  • 4. Sue  |  12/05/2010 at 11:35

    Wow very well done to handler and Phoenix.
    May you have a fantastic 2010 and I can’t wait to see your lovely Mingus at a show!
    I love your site by the way and follow with great interest. I really am so happy for you. I see Mingus’s Mum got BOB at B’ham – you must be delighted. Mingus is getting very nice furnishing I see:o))
    All our best to you for the future

    Sue & Scrotiexx


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