The Ever Changing Mingus.

30/04/2010 at 12:58 2 comments

When we first met (and show stacked!) Mingus at the tender age of 4 weeks he was very compact and stocky, beautifully and correctly proportioned. At around 3 months he looked very long-bodied and short in height, no longer stocky at all. By 4 months he suddenly looked very tall and giraffe-like, neither compact nor stocky. Then, at 5 months, everything started to come back together again, but he was all frame and no body. Now, at 5 and a bit months, he is once again starting to look compact and stocky as he gradually fills out – such are the ways of puppy growth – so we just wait for those deep ribs to spring to complete the picture.

Mingus surveys his kingdom.

This week at ringcraft everyone commented on how big he’d gotten and for the first time he was a fair bit taller than the adult female English Setter there. Judging by his knuckles he’s certainly going to finish larger than both of his parents, but still be moderate in size…which is just what we were hoping for.

A while back, whilst trotting around and investigating the pond, Mingus found himself on the opposite side of the water to us. Rather than trot back the way he’d come he simply plunged into the water and swam directly across to us (the pond is 6 foot deep and 150 foot long…) He’d never previously gone more than about ankle deep in water, so it came as something of a surprise to us – as well as to him – that he could indeed swim so well. On arriving at the other side he looked enormously pleased with himself and has been pretty keen to get wet in the pond and the river ever since.

The mysteries of the deep.

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Mingus at 5 Months. Toothsome.

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  • 1. Karen  |  01/05/2010 at 21:06

    It’s frustrating the way they grow sometimes isn’t it and you wonder whether they will go back to the shape you liked in the first place – thankfully for you it sounds like he is. Not long now until he can get out and about and officially strut his stuff!!!!

    • 2. Phoenix  |  01/05/2010 at 23:16

      Hi Karen, yep, well of course he could change a few more times yet, who knows!! we’ve only just realised that Mingus is your boy Herby’s nephew too!!


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