Planned Litter.

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Phoenix glowing in the sun.

So, the exciting news can now be shared – as some of our readers will already know, we have long been planning to have a litter with Phoenix at her third season, which was due this October/November.

This week, though, our plans were accelerated quite a bit when Phoenix came into season on Monday night – a good two-and-a-half months earlier than expected.

Ever since Phoenix first came to live with us we’ve been looking carefully, and at length, at potential stud dogs for her and have given serious consideration to several very fine males. After pondering all of the available options we’ve decided that the sire of Phoenix’ first litter will be….our very own multi-award winning,  breed-record-breaking Mingus.

Mingus hears the news.

Although we certainly didn’t acquire Mingus in order to use him with Phoenix, as time has gone on, and his very considerable strengths and attributes have become more and more apparent, we’ve concluded that no other available dog better combines the coat/head/temperament qualities that we so love in this breed. We’ve also been fortunate enough to meet and/or assess almost all of both Phoenix and Mingus’ siblings to get a clearer idea of how their genes & pedigree lines might express themselves in a litter.

As if to confirm our decision, we had Mingus eye-tested on Monday afternoon (which he passed with flying colours) and within hours of Mingus’ all-clear results Phoenix had come into season!

The prospect of bringing together our two successful show dogs and the possibilities of combining their strengths is extremely exciting and we are now able to take enquiries from show, pet and working homes, about this planned litter.  All puppy homes will be carefully selected to provide the best possible start in life for this new generation of Belatarr HWV’s.

If you would like to be considered for inclusion on our puppy list or would like to discuss life with this wonderful breed in more detail then please do contact Tim at:

Phoenix in the long meadow grass.

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